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Amazon’s Commitment to Safety, Health, and Well-Being

Safety is integral to everything that we do at Amazon—every day, in every operation, across every country.
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The journey of a package
See how we keep employees safe through each stage of a package's journey
Take a behind the scenes look at how we keep employees safe throughout the journey of a package, from when the customer hits order on the Amazon website, to when it gets picked, packed, shipped, sorted, loaded and delivered. We aim to highlight key safety aspects that would be involved along the way.
Safety at a Glance
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    We invested $300 million in 2021 in safety projects.
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    We’ve incurred more than $15 billion in COVID-19 related costs since March 2020 to help keep our employees safe while delivering for our customers.
  • Day 1
    Employees have access to top quality health care and benefits starting on Day 1. These benefits include medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage.
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    Since 2020, we have opened 17 Neighborhood Health Centers for employees and their dependents.
  • 210k
    In 2021, we addressed over 210,000 suggestions, questions, and comments through our Voice of the Associate boards.
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    In 2021, we conducted almost 3.4 million safety inspections globally.
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    Our growing safety team reached 8,000 workplace health and safety professionals globally in 2021.
  • 43 %
    Our Lost Time Incident Rate—which is a measure of the number of employees, out of 100 who work 40 hours per week, who missed work due to a workplace injury—has improved by 43% since 2019.
We strive to be safer, every day, for our employees, partners, and communities
This report establishes our benchmarks for safety, health, and well-being as we endeavor to make Amazon the safest place to work.
Our employees are the heart of Amazon, which is why safety is weaved into everything that we do.

Our operations are streamlined and structured to fulfill customer orders as efficiently and safely as possible. Our industry-leading pay and benefits are available to all regular, full-time employees starting on their first day.
We collect and analyze data to proactively reduce and eliminate safety risks.

Metrics help us assess and evaluate risk controls, identify potential injury and illness sources, measure progress against goals, and track trends over time.
Safety is built into everything that we do.

Our safety standards are central to the way that we structure our teams, the way that we invest capital, and the way that we engage with partners.
We innovate and invest to continuously reinforce safety in our operations.

Our facilities are designed to be safe workplaces that enable our people to excel. We design our buildings and equipment, and develop processes, to improve safety in the workplace.
We begin each day with a determination to make better, do better, and be better for our employees, our partners, our customers, and the world at large.
Download our Safety Report
  • Delivered with Care
    Our report on safety, health, and well-being at Amazon