Safety Design and Technology
We innovate and invest to continuously reinforce safety in our operations.
Safety Design and Tech lead
Safety Design and Tech lead

Safety Design and Technology

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We use technology, robotics, and automation to improve safety across our operations—from receiving vendor shipments to sorting multiple packages into shipments ready for delivery.
We design safe workplaces.
When designing new sites and equipment, our engineers rigorously consider safety across design, construction, commission, operation, and maintenance.
Designing ergonomic solutions
Our ergonomic design initiatives include:

  • Digital human modeling, a software tool that simulates employee interactions with work environments.
  • Virtual reality, which explores and assesses better ergonomic designs like workstations that discourage repetitive processes.
  • Collaborations with academic leaders and universities to research improved ergonomic workplace design.
  • "The path for each of our new sites begins before the doors open on Day 1, by ensuring that during design and construction, each aspect of the building—from curb to workstations and break areas—has been thoroughly considered for safety."
    Jorge Szabo
  • “From my first day, Amazon’s commitment to safety was obvious—we were asked what opportunities we saw to make things better and were shown examples of innovations that had been suggested and implemented by employees. I am energized to use technology like machine learning to improve safety for all employees.”
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    Senior Product Manager Tech
  • “I felt lucky to work on the ground-breaking, computer vision safety project as my first job. It is one of the most exciting and complex projects I have worked on. The algorithm has been deployed with Amazon Web Services technology, and we are on the track to scale the solution later this year. I am truly living in the motto of working hard, having fun, and making history!”
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    Global Applied Data Scientist
  • “As a driver, I feel protected and safer with Amazon’s technology. If something happens, the footage is there to help me. Alerts provide a level of safety that wasn’t there before, helping me consciously think about safety, which actually continues after my shift ends when I’m driving in my own vehicle.”
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    Operations Manager at BISN, U.S.
People, infrastructure, and technology fuse to accelerate safety and efficiency
Our technology helps reduce the physical demands on our employees.
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    Robots handle the majority of products in our Amazon robotics fulfillment centers and bring products directly to employees, who then stow and pick customer orders. This reduces the physical demands on our employees.
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    Intelligent Vests
    Intelligent vests use short-range radio frequencies to send signals to robots to slow down, alter their work, or stop when they detect employees.
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    Wearable Technology
    Wearable technology keeps track of how long employees are inside freezers at our fresh food hubs to limit their cold exposure and alert the employee and their manager when safe time thresholds have been reached.
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    Hands-Free Clothing
    Intelligent hands-free clothing enhances safety and simplifies our employees’ work.
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    Pallet Lift Tables
    Custom-designed tables electronically lift items so that our employees no longer need to bend over to place items on conveyors.
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    Loading Dock Safety
    Automated, digital cockpits track trailers to improve safety when employees are working in loading docks.
Fork truck safety
Using powered industrial trucks, such as forklifts, electric pallet jacks, and reach trucks to safely move products in our operations is critical for employee safety and operational effectiveness.

In our opinion, universal fork truck safety across the industry has not materially improved over the past 20 years. Our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate fork truck incidents.
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Creating new fork truck safety solutions
Since 2018, we reduced all injuries due to interactions with fork trucks by nearly 60%.

Our software designers, scientists, and engineers are constantly creating new solutions to make fork trucks safer by:
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    Installing eight-foot barriers between fork truck and pedestrians, light curtains, deadman pedals on all tuggers, and site layout changes.
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    Mounting industry-first, semi-automatic real-time location systems on fork trucks to sense the distance between vehicles and people and structures. Vehicles can slow down or stop to avoid collisions.
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    Developing custom Smart Hook technology that reminds fork truck operators through sight and sound alerts to connect their body harness to their vehicles. This technology increased fall protection compliance by 95% in 2020.
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Investing for universal fork truck safety
We are investing an initial $66.5 million to create technology to improve universal fork truck safety and avoid collisions.

Installing telemetry hardware on 33,000 fork trucks, digitizing our pre-start inspection checklists, regulating speeds for new drivers, restricting vehicle use to authorized operators, and helping improve site design where impacts occur.
We integrate safety into every stage of a package’s journey
We work with drivers and delivery service providers to integrate safety into every stage of a package’s journey.

Beyond our fulfillment centers, our delivery network is powered by thousands of small businesses and hundreds of thousands of drivers who rely on Amazon’s technology and safety initiatives every day.
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    Amazon Air Safety
    Amazon Air’s fleet of contracted cargo aircraft comply with Amazon’s specific safety, security, and operational policies and procedures, in addition to all local aviation regulatory requirements in the air and on the ground.
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    Safe Transportation
    GPS navigation and communications in our semi-tractor fleet, in addition to safety features such as automatic emergency braking and speed limiters, promote safe driving.
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    Driver Technology
    As our transportation businesses have expanded, we have focused on making our roads safer through innovative mobile and vehicle technology.
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    Camera Safety
    Our vehicles are fitted with camera safety technology, use artificial intelligence to capture real-time data (such as following safe distance and road conditions), and identify at-risk driving events. These technologies are used where we deliver to help keep drivers and the communities safe.
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    Driving safely
    Camera technology is improving safety for our drivers and creating safer roads for all, with a reduction of nearly 50% in accidents, 80% in stop sign violations, 85% in seat belt violations, and 75% in driver distraction
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  • Camera Safety
  • Driving safely
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